The biggest myth of agile development - faster, cheaper and better outcome

Added on Tuesday, May 28th 2019

The biggest myth of agile development — faster, cheaper and better outcome

Steven Koh

The good news is everyone is onto agile these days. The bad news is people are onto agile without knowing what it entails.

One of my biggest bugbears is the myth of faster, cheaper and deliver better outcome with agile, and here is why …

Agile — a lunatic utterance with the magical power to deliver anything under whatsoever condition

Origin (本)

The story of the agile manifesto is well-known in the agile community. Unfortunately, not many have heard of lean manufacturing which predates agile development and has a strong influence on agile development.

Many practices in agile development are heavily influenced by lean manufacturing and both methods have a similar philosophy, which emphasizes waste reduction. These two approaches differ in execution primarily because lean manufactures physical goods while agile develops digital products.

Comparison of seven wastes in lean manufacturing and agile development

By reducing waste, lean manufacturing produces higher-quality goods at a lower cost.

Which begs the question, “Isn’t agile development faster, cheaper and deliver better outcome through waste reduction?”